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Downloads and CDs available by following the links at the top of this website or going to roo forrest at CD Baby or iTunes. If you're looking for my music dancing down other corridors on the web, search roo forrest. If you ‘re already listening to a track and thinking “what in tarnation is he saying?”, you can download lyrics on my page at Reverbnation .

Just finished up recording 12 new songs at Studio Litho in Seattle with Hans Teuber producing and Floyd Reitsma on the engineering and mixing helm. Those men are magical. Tracks are coming. Should be here with the spring bloom.

For upcoming gigs and shows check out Reverbnation link above. Most of them are posted there.

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Jan 29
Roo at Mata Hari Bar in Nurnberg. My buddy Tom Ring provides some percussive back up.

Feb 8
Feedback Lounge in West Seattle. 6451 California St.SW 9:30pm 21+

March 1
Roo & The Few at Couth Buzzard Singer-Songwriter Showcase - 8310 Greenwood Ave. 7:30pm All Ages.

March 29
Roo and the Few at C & P Coffee in West Seattle 5612 California St. SW 7-9pm All Ages.

April 5
Roo & The Few at Couth Buzzard Singer-Songwriter Showcase - 8310 Greenwood Ave. 7:30pm All Ages.

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This open cabaret and salon is an intimate evening of wildly diverse offerings. Come with a song, oration, cooking lesson, taste-treat, rant, powerful perspective, or other sharable THING under 7 minutes. Or just come and enjoy. Acts are drawn from the hat, punctuated by strange happenings and blow-your-mind special guests. Seating is extremely limited. Vibe is so damn cozy its downright intimate.

THAT THING is currently laying dormant. Storing energy and poised for a rebirth. If you're on the Roo list you'll hear about it when it happens.

• This bullet point is for the sole purpose of reminding me how to make a bullet point in html when THAT THING erupts again and has lots of vital info that needs bullet points.

At left, Seattle genious mad scientist inventor Kim David Hall's lasers - "Rorschach the Movie". From the very first THAT THING ever.

When it comes it'll be on the CALENDAR

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If you want to get on the Roo Mailing List, contact Roo, hear about upcoming shows, events, cool things and hep times....but not too frequently I promise, then email me at with the subject line: Yo!Dude!List!Me!

I guess there is some cool plug in that I could use to collect names and emails - and if you know of a good one let me know - but for now I'm going to do it the old fashioned way. And by old fashioned, I mean like the way people did it about 14 months ago

So email me.

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Forrest Pruzan Creative (FPC) is a product invention studio with expertise and artistry in the realm of games – all types of games.

After creating ENTROS in the 1990’s, the creative team at FPC went on to invent most of the early product line for Cranium Inc. Since then FPC has invented, developed and designed hundreds of published games for publishers such as Microsoft, Disney, Hasbro, Mattel, Chronicle Books, Jakks Pacific, Cardinal Industries, Gamewright, Wonder Forge, and many others.

A sizable chunk of board games entering the U.S. mass market are incubated and developed in the FPC studios. The company marries a cross-disciplined workforce with observational-based consumer testing to create great games.

Watch a 3 minute movie about how FPC creates award-winning games by Seattle film maker Douglas Horn
Visit the Forrest-Pruzan Creative website

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What do you get if you mix the passion of youth with the power of creative collaboration? For us the answer was ENTROS.

I started ENTROS in 1992 with Stephen Brown and a handful of wildly imaginative people, like: Alan Pruzan, Bill Moore and Rob Hyman. The place became a creative entertainment magnet attracting the writers, film makers, artists, musicians, photographers, bakers and boy geniuses who could wire a circuit board or build a porch swing out of duck tape. ENTROS was the Bauhaus of late-20C Seattle.

Our vision was to create entertainment that you could not experience sitting down – hence the upside-down chair. We wanted to turn spectators into participants. We wanted to transform the audience into players. While the world around us became obsessed with “interactive” entertainment, we wanted the entertainment to be interactive AND interpersonal. We resisted the temptation to erect giant media screens and mesmerizing CGI graphics and instead created human-guided experiences where people teamed up, collaborated, dipped a brush into paint or navigated through a sensory maze. The L.A. Times called ENTROS a safe acid trip.

All good things eventually come to an end. ENTROS San Francisco closed its doors in 1999 and ENTROS Seattle dimmed the lights in 2000. Much of the creative team still works together at Forrest-Pruzan Creative. The other 3000+ folks – yes there were over 3000 who worked at ENTROS at one time or another – are scattered throughout the entertainment diaspora, occasionally telling stories of the glory days and smiling every time they describe their travels through that magical land.

You can see photos of ENTROS games and installations on the Forrest-Pruzan Creative website. Just follow the links to "ENTROS".

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First I need to say that Ian Pounds is remarkable. Amid the pervasive hypocracy of Western civilization, I cannot find any gap between Ian’s values and his actions. He has given all of himself; he left not one shred behind when he left America to work directly with the children of Afghanistan.

After Ian arrives at the Kabul orphanage, he doesn't leave the compound. An American male like Ian, teaching native girls at an Afghani orphanage, would make a desirable target for assassination. The dedication of Ian and his co-workers to the care and education of these children, make the 11 orphanages of the Afghan Child Education and Care Organization (AFCECO), a rare and startling success story coming out of Afghanistan today. These orphanages seek not just to provide refuge for displaced children, but through their teachings of tolerance, compassion, leadership, inspiration and world knowledge, they seek to raise the leaders of Afghanistan's next generation.

Read Ian's blog and journal posts.
Check out the amazing work of the AFCECO orphanages.

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You can download "That's The Truth" in the player above or get it at itunes under Roo Forrest. Here are the lyrics if you want to get hard-ass and creepy while you're driving... THAT’S THE TRUTH I’ve lived my life between hotels And donut holes and funny smells, Wire transfers, cash withdrawals, Big ideas in alcohol. It’s all one self-inflicted bruise. There’s no way out and that’s the truth. You got a trick for everything - Birds that hunt and dogs that sing, Ships that sail behind the moon And clocks that skip the afternoon. Must be that gypsy blood in you, Under your spell and that’s the truth. I got a girl out on the street - She’s talking trash and packing heat. She’s got this incandescent charm. She keeps me safe and out of harm. She’s dark and skinny and obtuse. She’s got my back and that’s the truth. My minds on edge, my body’s raw. There’s people talking blah, blah, blah. Don’t wink or blink or sneeze or cough - The smallest thing could set me off. You smell that sulphur in the fuse - This thing could blow and that’s the truth. I’ve got some m-o-n-e-y. My aim is good, my powder’s dry. I’m low on sleep and common sense. Got ibuprofen, Junior Mints. There’s no complaints – there’s no excuse, Always complete and that’s the truth. You make me laugh you make me cry Can’t tell if you like girls or guys. Whichever one you say you do, I’m gonna be that one for you - No need to make you choose; All bets are covered - that’s the truth. There’s men ‘round here who Bar-B-Q Folks who think and talk like you We’re gotta get you outta town, Just stay behind me and get down. When holy hell starts breaking loose, I’ll get you home and that’s the truth. Role models I left for dead Still cling to life inside my head. There’s rotoscopes and rumbatans, Sailors in each others arms, Midnight rides in birch canoes, No rhyme or reason that’s the truth. 10,000 brand new Chinese phones Packed in the back in Styrofoam. The road is clear the coffee’s hot; Can’t think of what I haven’t got, And John Lee Hooker singing Blues. I’m coming home and that’s the truth.

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This is the secret of life part. It's coming. I'm still working on it, but it's coming soon. Check back in a few.

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